Crowns and Dentures in Syracuse, New York

Giving you options when it comes to enhancing your smile, Deborah B Corkran DDS in Syracuse, New York, provides dental services that include crowns and dentures as well as preventive dentistry care. Get in touch with our general dentistry practice today and schedule your free initial consultation with the doctor.

Porcelain and Metal Crowns

For a natural aesthetics, our general dentistry practice provides porcelain crowns when more than half of the tooth structure is missing. For any teeth that have had root canals or for anyone who has a hard bite in the back or who grind or clench their teeth, we use metal crowns that are stronger.
Dentures — Crowns and Dentures in Syracuse, NY

Partial and Complete Dentures

Partial dentures are indicated in cases of missing teeth. Complete dentures are required when all teeth are missing. There are usually a series of 4 to 5 appointments to try on ... Read more

Fittings and Implants

Impressions and all fittings are done in-office. We also offer implant retained dentures when there isn't enough surface structure in the mouth to hold the dentures in place.

Emergency Denture Repair Service

Emergency denture repairs are available and often completed within 24 to 48 hours. Our general dentistry practice also offers denture realignment services that are typically completed within a week.

Preventive Dentistry

Providing maintenance of the bone structure as well as gum disease, we offer treatments for gum disease in an effort to prevent gingivitis and bone loss. For periodontal disease, treatments include ... Read more

Insurance Plans

Paying close attention to detail, our dental practice is very thorough and friendly. We provide a very gentle dentistry and we take the time to do extra research with insurance plans so that you know what is covered with your plan. We also accept Care Credit® and our dental practice is in network with most insurance companies that include:
  • Guardian®
  • Cigna PPO® * POMCO
  • Delta Dental®
  • Teamsters®
  • United Concordia®
  • Excellus BC/BS®
  • Connection Dental™
  • BC/BS of Michigan® * WellPoint